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CS Test Series / Mock Exam

Test Series

  • ArivuPro subscription gives you access to the Mock Test Series for CSEET / CS Executive
  • ArivuPro subscription gives you access to the Mock Test Series for CS. On ArivuPro you may write Exam at your home comfort and the same would be corrected Online.
  • ArivuPro CS Mock test series are as per syllabus prescribed by ICSI for the CSEET / CS Executive level exam.

Chapter Wise Exam Structure

  • ArivuPro helps you in being thorough with each and every chapter in the syllabus by providing chapter wise test / exam.
  • We will provide test series for each chapter

Write and Upload answers

  • Answers can be either uploaded or typed in the given space.
  • This way students can opt to answer in the way easy for them.

Know where you stand ? 

  • The test results also provides you a rank after evaluation of all the tests.
  • This enables the learners to know where they stand and perform better in the upcoming tests

You vs Topper vs Avg

  • A report that involves the compared report between the student, average score and the topper of the test will be provided.
  • The same is presented in a graphical representation. 

Analysis and Report 

  • A complete analysis of your answer report will be available to the students 
  • You will get accurate score based on your performance and you can also view your correct and incorrect answers.
  • You can easily view your score and evaluate your performance.

ArivuPro Features

Structured Exam
Full Syllabus Covered

Topic Wise Questions

Live Tests & Quizzes
Videos Solution
1000+ Question
Detailed Reports
Mobile Access
Unlimited Practice


Does this have Previous Year Questions ?

Yes, It also have Past Year, Mock Exam Question too.

Does the Question have Solution ?

Yes. The question are fully solved with detailed Video explanations.

How many times can I take a MCQ Exam ?

A MCQ Mock Exam at ArivuPro can be taken any number of times till the end of the subscription

What is the language in which Exam is covered?

ArivuPro Courses are fully taught in simple and easy-to-understand English Language only.

Will I get instant access to the course after I enroll?

Yes. You can access all videos instantly after completing the payment. To make sure that you study from the most relevant and updated content, we keep updating our content in all our courses. ArivuPro will keep adding more concepts, examples, tips and tricks to your course as per the requirement of changing Exam trends and pattern without any extra payment of fees.

I go to a coaching class, why should I use ArivuPro?

Whether a student uses coaching classes or other ways to supplement school teaching, a large part of learning is self study. It helps you make the most of your limited time. You can learn or practice anytime, anywhere at your own pace; ask questions 24x7 and take tests with lakhs of students. ArivuPro provides guidance like a personal tutor. ArivuPro learns about you, adapts to your needs and grows with you to help you achieve your study goals.

Should I share the access of course with my friends?
Not in any case! We have enabled following security features for our courses which can get you in legal and financial issues upon sharing course access / content :

1) Every content has the watermark of your own email ID and OTP verified contact number. If you are wise, you won’t share it with anyone else, because in case your friend with whom you shared your login ID-password shared / spread some of the content publicly, it is you who will get into legal trouble.

2) We can track the IP address and location from where you are accessing the course. Do not believe it? Just drop a mail at and we will tell you the IP address from which you accessed the course, location, etc.  If the course of a single account is accessed from different IP addresses, your course can get blocked any time by our team. If you are doing it, we would highly recommend you to stop for your own benefit.

3) Our Content Security Team is keeping a watch on number of logins and reading / watching time for every account. If you have shared your access with others, this time will exceed by 2 – 3 times, which will get noticed by our team and may get your course disabled after IP address tracking.
Is This Exam Paper in Hard Copy?

No. The content of Exam is in the form of pdf that you can access online as well offline. But it is not in the form of hard copy.

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